Welcome to our family-run, family-friendly establishment, where we take pride in everything we do!


Experience the real Africa…

The van der Westhuyzen family and staff invite you to come experience the thrill, the adrenalin, the awe of being alive in this ancient land! We cannot wait to welcome you to the Namibian wilderness. We offer luxury accommodation at both of our game lodges: Veronica and Kalakwa.

The Aru Tree

The Aru Tree is endemic to Namibia and reaches 10 meters in height. The bark is regarded as effective against tapeworm. Although it is considered medicinal, it should not be used without professional medical advice.

Aru Game Lodges was conceptualized on the top of a sand dune where these trees are in abundance. The tree has a sweet smell when it blossoms, and this has lured us frequently for afternoon picnics. It is also the place where a memorial stone rests for our dear friend.

Aru Tree
Albizia anthelminticaWorm-cure tree (English); Wurmrindenbaum (German); Umuama (Herero)

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