Wing Shooting

Wing Shooting

Wing shooting is a sophisticated pastime to have a pleasant day’s sport, and not an exercise in competitive one-upmanship as to who can kill the most birds. Our experienced guides will load the shotguns and provide advice during the shoot which makes this a very enjoyable outing for the hunters. Wing shooting is the art of hitting flying targets with a shotgun and occurs on a much more instinctive level. When shooting a rifle, there is usually time to adjust position and posture and to correct mistakes before they happen. With a shotgun, the situation differs. Once the quarry comes in to fly over the water, the hunter has seconds at most to shoulder and take aim. This activity is adrenaline charged and a fun activity to be shared with other friends and hunters, and chosen by many as a complimentary experience to other hunting.

Education of shooters before they are in the field is our first initiative.

It is explained to them to aim for the single or doublé birds (two birds flying close together) and not to simply spray the centre of the flock. Skilled shotgunners make this their prerogative.

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