Conservation Hunting


It is humble and magnificent at the same time, and it is natural. When hunting, we become animal, and it occurs in a realm where death has a different consequence. The greatest thing hunting gifts is the ability to look past what is obvious, to value landscapes for what is not easily seen, for potential, and for the promise of surprise. We explore the marvelous reality of life and the unapologetic chances that we are not meant to fear, but bravely embrace.

One which serves a purpose of connection.

More importantly is the realisation that being part of something bigger is much more rewarding than personal interests, and often needs a slight shift in mind-set, to align important individual needs with a greater good. After all, the dessert is not always green — some of the most beautiful moments are when the land lies empty, barren, desolate, while a lone oryx moves through wide open spaces. 

Plains Game

Both ARU Game Lodges are situated in central Namibia and are game-rich farms offering unique hunting terrains. Our clients will ALWAYS stay and experience both our plains game areas in one safari.

Dangerous Game

We source the best dangerous game areas in the north-east of Namibia so as to ensure your best chance on a quality big game trophy. The Zambezi region is one of the last remaining free-roaming areas.

Wing Shooting

Wing shooting is a sophisticated pastime to have a pleasant day’s sport, and not an exercise in competitive one-upmanship as to who can kill the most birds.


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