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From The Veld

From The Veld is Danene’s celebration of the Namibian tradition of living off the land.

This beautiful book is filled with recipes that were developed over the years by her family, friends and fellow Namibians, and perfected at ARU. Follow the menus or experiment with different combinations. She has included her favourite game choices, but feel free to try different game substitutes.

“With this book of recipes and reflections, I want to share our approach to using nature’s gifts thoughtfully and imaginatively. At a time when all of us seek a more meaningful way of life, this book speaks to resilience and respect for nature.

These recipes are a tribute to all those who remember our Namibian sunsets and camel-thorn wood fires, and to those who hope to savour them soon.”

15% of the profit of this book goes towards conservation efforts in namibia, through the Namibia Chamber of Environment (NCE) – please contact them for any further support towards our wildlife and conservation.

ARU Blockmen

Our Veronica reserve prides itself in one of Namibia’s best butchery’s. With an incredible array of venison products, we serve the wider Namibian community with free range, fair chase and hormone free products.

ARU Blockmen is just another great example of our sustainability and commitment towards being responsible citizens and conservationists.

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