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Big Game Hunting Buffalo At Aru
Herd of African Cape Buffalo

We source the best dangerous game areas in the north-east of Namibia so as to ensure your best chance on a quality big game trophy.

The Zambezi region is one of the last remaining free-roaming areas. This ecoregion, once known as the Caprivi Strip, is a combination of open grassland and freshwater swamp. It supports an abundance of wildlife including big game species such as Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, and Leopard. However, this area also has a vast supply of plains game including Baboon, Red Lechwe, Reedbuck, Spotted Hyena, and Chapman’s Zebra. Hunting in the Zambezi is a 10-14 day experience.

The African Elephant

African Elephant Hunting at Aru

There is no greater thrill than facing off with a fully grown African Elephant. Our qualified Big Game PH’s use their local knowledge and years of experience to make sure you achieve your goal, and get out in one piece. We take you deep into the marshlands of the Zambezi to find your bull. We’ll walk, we’ll talk, we’ll stalk until we find what we’re looking for. All in one of the most pristine locations in the world. It’s way more than a hunt. It’s a meaningful experience that takes you back to the roots of where man evolved from. Kill or be killed.

The Leopard

Leopard Hunting at Aru Hunting Safaris

Outwit, outsmart, outplay. You’re up against the Leopard, in its own backyard. The odds are not in your favour. But it can be done, if you put your mind (and body) into it. After days of stalking, it takes nerves of steel to hit the target. You’ve only got one shot. If you blow it, 9 days of blood sweat and tears will be for nothing. You’ll never see that cat again. Our PH’s know the drill. We’ll guide you through the hills and ravines, tracking the elusive cat, watching his patterns and understanding his movements. We take you on a physical and mental journey that will make you one of the few people on this planet to experience the sensation. To prove you can stalk the ultimate stalker.

The mighty Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo Hunting At Aru Hunting Safaris

Considered by many to be the most dangerous of all. The mighty Cape Buffalo might seem docile enough when viewing him, undisturbed in the herd, but agitate or wound him, and he can be extremely aggressive, mobile and cunning. Track massive herds through soggy marshland because this is where the Buffalo is most at home. It takes strength, determination, and stamina to bring this massive beast to the ground. Find peace within, during days of tracking through untouched wilderness. Our guides will share trade secrets and other “Tall Stories” along the way. Build bonds that will last a lifetime. Praise the mighty Cape Buffalo.

It’s about being human in awe-inspiring nature

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