Barren desert, cooling ocean, treacherous hunting in the veld versus luxurious pampering in the spa

Some say that Namibia is a land God made in anger, but to us its vast open spaces, beauty, splendor and diversity make it the “smile on the face of Africa”.

Namibia became independent in 1990, with a unique constitution and a stable democratic government. Physical infrastructure in Namibia is equivalent to that of first world countries and is maintained to a high standard. People are generally friendly and hospitable.

(We are judging by the comments of our guests!)

Namibia’s Climate

Hot and dry. Bring along moisturizer and sunblock. The hot (sometimes) rainy season is from October through April, when shorts are recommended. Mid-May through August are winter months, when warm clothing and gloves are essential.

Namibia’s Currency

Namibian Dollar. Same exchange rate as SA Rand. Thomas Cook and American Express at the airport. All major credit cards and banknotes accepted throughout Namibia. Banks open for business Mondays to Fridays 09:00 – 15:30 and Saturdays 08:00 till 11:00.


Officially English. But 13 languages are spoken by the diverse population. At Aru Game Lodges we speak English, Afrikaans and German fluently and un peu de français.

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