WERE OPEN – as long as travel allows, we’re business as usual. Namibia is one of the least populated countries in the world, and one of the safest to visit.

WE’RE SAFE – health and safety is a top priority. We’re making sure our facilities are safe for you and our team. That means extra daily cleaning, sanitizers etc. to give you the safest environment to enjoy your safari, and for our team to be there for you.

TRAVEL INSURANCE – we know travel remains essential. And that’s why we have safe partnerships with Ripcord and Global Rescue. We recommend that all guests purchase travel insurance to cover trip cancelation, medical emergencies, field evacuation, emergency assistance and travel delays. Our agents will assist you with travel insurance and emergency services.

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The below information is accurate at the time of writing (February 2022) and we will endeavor to update this as frequently as possible to ensure the information is accurate and in line with all relevant government press releases.

  1. Namibia requires a negative test no older than 72 hours, from the time of the collection of the specimen to the time the individual presents him/herself at the point of entry into Namibia. It is recommend to work with a negative test no older than 72 hours, as various airlines request it and some custom officials also are enforcing.
  2. Namibia requires a negative PCR test. We recommend taking your test 48 hours before your flight. (This test takes between 36-48 hours to develop) This allow you to receive your test result before your flight.
  3. PCR tests should be uploaded to the Trusted Travel System prior to your travel to Namibia.
  4. For clients who are returning home, please contact us for updated regulations as they do change. Please supply us with your itinerary, as each country has different regulations, some even with transit passengers.
  5. In case PCR tests are required in order to travel home, we will assist and arrange it in time for your return travel.
  6. Vaccines – we believe that travel will return to normal. We have seen that more and more destinations require their visitors to be vaccinated in order to enter. Vaccines allow travelers to bypass quarantine and isolation requirement when they had completed the course. People to tested positive can also travel once they have proof of recovery from a doctor.

What is happening in the travel industry?

  1. Air Namibia is now officially liquidated. The High Court converted the airline’s provisional liquidation into full liquidation after the Namibia Airports Company’s application to liquidate the airline, over a N$714 million debt, went unopposed.
  2. All passengers returning to Germany must have a negative PCR test of not older then 48 hours and are subject to go into quarantine for 10-14 days on arrival, whether passenger has received the vaccine or not.
  3. All passengers are required to wear surgical face masks on board aircraft. Most airlines have suspended the use of any other type of mask.
  4. South Africa is currently the most restricted country in the world with the travel bans in place. Please make sure about your travel plans that either transit through South Africa or departs South Africa. There are countries who do not allow entrance when passengers have been through South Africa within 14 days of the departure flight. This includes transiting. Allow us to assist with the regulations for flights going through South Africa, as passengers can be affected who are not citizens of the country where they need to return.
  5. We are still waiting for the approval on flight from Windhoek Eros to Katima Mulilo. You will be informed once we receive the information from West Air.
  6. Seychelles, Zanzibar and Maldives are welcoming guests from all countries except South Africa.
  7. Entrance into Victoria Falls and Botswana are still only possible by Air Travel as the land borders are still closed for tourists.
  8. Phuket, Thailand will allow tourist travel from 1 July 2021.

Travel Info

We recommend flying to Namibia via Frankfurt with Air Namibia as it is a nice overnight flight, arriving in Namibia early mornings. Please contact your travel agent or Danene should you wish to enquire about this option further.

Traveling with Rifles

Travelling while transporting firearms can be overwhelming. Let Travel with Guns take the stress out of your travel arrangements. They are our number one travel specialists for our clients, especially when traveling over Frankfurt to Namibia, which is our preferred route for our USA based clients. They also arrange all travel insurance needed.

Visit the Travel with Guns website.

Alternatively, you can email Steve or Patrick.


Please visit the Namibia Tourism Board’s website.

Medical Facilities Available

  • Aru Game Lodges is in an area where malaria is NOT endemic, but please ask your doctor for medical advice.
  • Also note that our concession areas (in the north) are in a malaria area so medication will be necessary on a trip here. We have first aid supply readily available.

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