What to bring




  • Correct clothing is essential to a successful hunt. We recommend any camouflaged clothing in the yellow, brown and green ranges (sandy colors).
  • Two sets of cotton type trousers and 3 changes of long-sleeved shirts should be sufficient. We can do laundry when necessary, helping to keep your luggage to a minimum.
  • A warm jacket is essential, as early mornings and evenings can become quite cold, especially in winter. One or two sets of comfortable, warm clothing and sneakers for around the campfire at night are recommended.
  • Hunting boots or shoes must be broken in properly before the hunt. We hunt on foot, so comfort is important. A higher type of boot would be good, considering our slithering friends in the veld. Gaiters also serve well as ankle guards in the mountains.
  • A hat is also very important; although we do provide a complimentary cap should you wish to use that.
  • Sunscreen is an absolute must. Please ensure that you have an ample supply.
  • Good quality sunglasses are also recommended.



  • Camera with dustproof bag.
  • We have a power supply of 220 volt. Please ensure that you bring the necessary adapters and converters.
  • Binoculars (8×40 recommended).
  • Range finders (bow hunting).
  • Bow hunting spare parts and accessories. We have a supply of the most essential spare parts, but keep in mind that the choice of equipment available in Namibia is limited.
  • We have our own shooting sticks, but should you feel more comfortable using your own, you are welcome to.
Rifle Imports

Rifle Imports


  • Namibia is a “rifle friendly” country so bringing your rifle/s should not pose a problem. (Namibia does not allow the importation of pistols, revolvers, and automatic or semi-automatic weapons, though.) Please download a copy of the Namibian Temporary Gun Import Permit Application Form to fill in on your arrival at the airport where a permit will be issued.
  • Please keep your ammunition separate from your rifle. We offer a wide variety of excellent rifles should you wish to hire ours.
Fitness Levels

Fitness Level


Although we cater for the physically challenged hunter, at Aru we believe in the challenge of the hunt. We work hard, we sweat it out, and we pass on animals not yet mature. A day’s hunt can end with anything from 5 – 10 miles covered. Kalakwa has mountains with an average elevation of 6500 ft, and that is where you will find the elusive kudu, mountain zebra, klipspringer, impala and other mountain species.

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