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Please review and complete this important information to finalize your visit to ARU Game Lodges

Personal Info Form

It is essential that we have all your details prior to your arrival at Aru Game Lodges. This will ensure an unforgettable hunting experience for you and your group.

Rifle Import Application

If you bring your own rifle, you will be required to complete a Firearm Import Application form upon your arrival. Download, print and complete this form beforehand to save some time at the airport.

Please note the following rifle restrictions when entering Namibia

You are allowed to bring 4 rifles per person, of which only one rifle is allowed per caliber. We suggest you bring at least 40 rounds of ammunition per caliber. Ammunition may not travel in the same case as your rifle. We strongly advise an average bullet weight of 150 grains for small animals, and at least 180 grains or heavier for large animals.

Other Documents

Travel Information

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you obtain your own medical emergency evacuation coverage through Ripcord Travel Insurance & Emergency Medical Evacuation. We strongly recommend you take out a trip cancellation policy and adequate insurance cover for yourself, your personal effects and your Trophies while in transit. Even though we take all the necessary precautions to ensure your trophies are kept in good condition and that they leave Namibia in the correct condition, we cannot be held responsible for whatever might happen to them while in transit to their destination.


Ripcord Travel Insurance & Emergency Medical Evacuation combines the best medevac and rescue insurance with travel insurance benefits such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, primary medical expense coverages, and more.

Ripcord Travel Insurance & Emergency Medical Evacuation is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel risk security company owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians. Redpoint covers over 9 million people through commercial insurance policies, corporate employees and its Ripcord rescue travel insurance program.


Travel with Guns

twg travel logo
For those of you that need help with booking of flights, or any rifle permits that you require for entry at various airports, please make use of Travel with Guns.

Steve Turner from Travel with Guns will provide you with all the information and documents necessary to travel through various countries. They offer professional and personalised travel arrangements for hunters.

The airport of arrival is Hosea Kutako International Airport. The following airlines provides flights: Air Namibia (Pty) Ltd, South African Airlines (Pty) Ltd, TAAG Angola, Airlink, Condor, South African Express (Pty) Ltd and British Airways (Comair). Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that services routes to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Luanda, Doha, Addis Ababa, Frankfurt and Amsterdam amongst others in Africa and Europe.

Email Travel with Guns

Contact Information

Aru Hunting Safaris Namibia
PO Box 9222, Windhoek, Namibia
T: +264 (81) 129 5536
Contact: Danene van der Westhuyzen

Veronica Game Lodge
T: +264 (62) 581 222
C: +264 (81) 122 1240

Kalakwa Game Lodge
T: +264 (62) 560 055
C: +264 (81) 129 5536
Emergency contact: +264 (81) 128 9222

EU/German Embassy – Namibia
Sanlam Centre, 6th Floor, Independence Ave. 145, Windhoek
T: +264 (61) 27 31 00
T: +264 (61) 27 31 33
F: +264 (61) 22 29 81

U.S. Embassy – Namibia
14 Lossen Street, Ausspanplatz, Windhoek, Central Namibia
T: +264 (61) 295 8500
F: +264 (61) 295 8603

Netherlands Honorary Consulate in Windhoek, Namibia
Edelvalk Street 23, Hochland Park, Windhoek, Namibia
T: +264 (61) 223 733
F: +264 (61) 223 732

The British High Commission – Namibia
116 Robert Mugabe Ave, P.O. Box 22202, Windhoek, Namibia
T: +264 (61) 274 800
F: +264 (61) 228 895

Visa Information

If you are a citizen of a country requiring a visa to enter Namibia, you can obtain this beforehand from the Namibia High Commission in your country of residence. Countries that do not require a tourist visa include South Africa, Australia, Britain, Germany, America, Canada and Japan.

Please visit the Namibia Tourism Board’s website for more information regarding Visa Requirements.

You will require an Invitation to Hunt / Visit when applying for a Visa – please find these under Other Documents.

Namibia Tourism Website

Medical Information
We recommend you contact your personal physician, local immunization clinic or public health facility to find out what immunizations are required for your overseas journey. Prophylactic medication for malaria is highly recommended for any of our Caprivi / Zambezi strip Hunts.

Please note that Kalakwa and Veronica does NOT fall in a malaria area.

There are drug stores and hospitals in Windhoek but you should bring an adequate supply of your prescribed medication. There are first aid bags in the safari vehicles and comprehensive medical boxes in each camp.

Climate & Time

Namibia experiences a hot and dry climate with an average of 300 days of sunshine annually. Average daytime temperatures range between 30° C in January to 20° C in July and between 17° C in January and 7° C in June at night.
Namibia’s rainy season generally occurs from January – April.
Temperatures in July and August are considerably cooler and warmer clothing is recommended for safaris during this time of the year.

Time Zone GMT
GMT (London) + 1 hour. EST (New York) + 7 hours


All camps are equipped with WIFI

Traveling with Minors

Travelling with children already poses certain challenges (ask any parent and they’ll tell you). There’s no reason it should be made any more complicated when it comes to the requirements of traveling with minors. Here’s what you need to know. One less thing to worry about.

  1. Minors younger than 18 years traveling to Namibia will be required to produce certified copies of unabridged birth certificates in addition to their valid passports.
  2. With an adult who is not their biological parent: an affidavit from their parents giving consent for the minor to travel with the adult is required.
  3. With an adult other than a parent/legal guardian: copies of their legal guardians/parents’ passports or documents of identity are required. Contact details of the parents/legal guardians should also be provided.
  4. With a parent: an affidavit from the other parent giving consent for the minor to travel is required. A death certificate should be provided if one parent is deceased.
  5. Unaccompanied: an affidavit from their parents/legal guardians consenting their travel, a letter containing the contact details and residential information of the person who will receive the minor passenger, a copy of the identity document, valid passport or permanent residence permit of the person who will receive the minor passenger, and the contact details of the minor’s parents/legal guardians are required.

For your convenience you can download the Parental Consent Affidavit Form to be completed and certified before you travel.

What to Bring

  • Correct clothing is of utmost importance, and is essential to a successful safari. We recommend any camouflaged clothing in the yellow, brown and green tones
  • 2 pairs of cotton type trousers
  • 3 changes of long sleeved shirts
  • 2 T-shirts or short sleeved shirts
  • 2 pairs of shorts (summer months)
  • Socks and underwear
  • Sunglasses of good quality are also recommended
  • A hat is a necessity and we suggest a large, broad brimmed hat; although we also provide a complimentary cap should you wish to use that
  • Sweater/lightweight jacket for evenings in camp
  • A warm jacket is also essential, as early mornings and evenings can become quite cold, especially in the winter months (May-August). One or two sets of comfortable and warm clothing plus sneakers for around the campfire at night would also be recommended. Some light clothes for the warmer months is also a must (Feb-April, and October-November).
  • Please keep in mind that we do have a daily laundry service, helping you to keep your luggage to the minimum
  • 1pair high boots (not new) – Hunting is conducted on foot and therefore comfort is key. If possible, a high rise type of boot would be preferable, as it supports your ankles at all times and protects from bites. If you hunt in the Zambezi strip, make sure to bring along two pair of boots so that one has enough time to dry out.
  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes for evenings in camp
  • Sunscreen of SPF 30 to 50 plus is an absolute must. Please ensure that you have ample supply
  • Gaiters (we sell the best ones!)
  • Scarf and gloves for cold mornings and evenings in open vehicles
  • Some light clothes for the warmer months is also a must (Feb-April, and October-November)
Equipment & Extras
  • Adapters and converters – We have a power supply of 220 volt
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses
  • Camera, lenses and flash attachment with dust proof bag
  • Good binoculars (8 x 40 power). Please note that our PH’s do not allow the hunters to use binoculars while stalking on a hunt
  • Range finders (bow hunting)
  • Bow hunting spare parts and accessories. (We have a supply of the most essential spare parts, but keep in mind that Namibia is limited in their range of equipment)
  • Shooting sticks (We have our own shooting sticks, but should you feel more comfortable using your own, you are more than welcome. We also want to stress that if you are not familiar with shooting from a stick, you should practice this beforehand.)
  • Reading and writing materials
  • Locks for luggage
  • Flashlight
  • Zip lock bags for cameras, etc.
  • Cartridge holders/belts knife
  • Spare rifle scope
  • Plenty of spare batteries

namibia converters adaptors 1

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo
  • Shaving kit
  • Scissors
  • Eye drops
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (enough!)
  • Skin moisturizers
  • Prescription medicines
  • Insect repellant
  • Anti-malarial tablets (if hunting in the Zambezi)
  • Although Namibia is very clean and safe, please visit your medical practitioner regarding medications and vaccinations as required. Veronica and Kalakwa are NOT located in a malaria area. If you are hunting dangerous game with us in the Zambezi strip, make sure to take your malaria prophylaxis
  •  Airline tickets
  • Valid passport and visa (if required)
  • If traveling with minors, an unabridged original birth certificate and required sword affidavit
  • Customs registration of rifles from your country of origin if required for re-entry
  • Travel insurance
Small backpack or similar for your daily requirements while hunting

A tip acknowledges great service, and how much to leave is anything up to you. ARU has a strong believe that a successful safari is attributed not only to the PH, but to our whole TEAM. There are many people working very hard behind the scenes to make you safari and stay with us as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

Therefor, ARU management divides the tips to ALL staff members at both lodges on a gliding scale basis, of which the PH’s all share in all hunts, and receive the higher percentage of it. Please trust us in the distribution of such.

We recommend a 10-15% of your total invoice as gratuit. You are of course welcome to leave more (or less).

Therefor, we respectfully request that clients NOT tip any staff member during their stay and safari, but only at the end of the trip, and to hand it in at the manager.

If your experience was not satisfactory and you feel you don’t want to leave a tip for anyone involved, please also inform us so that we can rectify any problems. It’s the only way we can continue to be better.

Gifts such as clothing, cigarettes, sweets, equipment etc, are of course always very appreciated, but most staff prefer the money. Please feel free however, to distribute throughout your stay with us.

Buy our recommended list

Aru clients will receive a 15% discount off their first purchase at by using the following promo code: ARUGAMELODGES19

Terms & Conditions apply.


Prepare for Your Hunt

Film Your Hunt

A video of your safari is timeless! Don’t miss this opportunity to capture the highlight of your hunting career. We rate our personalised safari DVD’s to be the best in the business.

We encourage all our guests to film their safari at Aru Game Lodges. We have done this multiple times, and the clients are extremely happy! The professional camera men that we use are amazing, and the end product is of a high standard. Every client that filmed their hunt with us said that they would never do it any other way again.


Taxidermy Info

Taxidermy rates in Namibia are very competitive, with excellent quality and workmanship. Normal completion time for mounted trophies is 12 months. Quotations can be obtained from local taxidermists. Packaging, insurance and shipment of trophies are done by our shipping agent.

We recommend either one of the following taxidermists:

Trophaendienste Taxidermy
For more info, visit our website or email us directly:
Trophaendienste Euro price list
Trophaendienste USD price list

First Class Trophy
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First Class All EU countries prices
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First Class USA & Canada & other prices

518sdhDL3wL. SY330 BO1204203200

The Perfect Shot – Kevin Robertson

Please refer to some reading material such as “The Perfect Shot” by Kevin Robertson to familiarize yourselves with shot placement on African animals. African game is much tougher than any other in the world, and knowledge about shot placement and accurate shooting with the highest possible caliber, is vital to your success.

Other Activities

Apart from offering the best of Namibian hunting, Aru Game Lodges is the ideal breakaway, featuring other activities such as quad biking, game drives, horse riding, sundowner excursions, clay pigeon shooting, stargazing, photographic hunting and walking trails.


ARU Activities

At Aru Game Lodges, we offer a plethora of fun outdoor activities. Get the whole group involved in one of our exhilarating offerings.

swakopmund pier

Swakopmund Day Trip

One day tour from the farm with a scenic flight across the Khomas Highlands to Swakopmund for a short tour of the town and lunch (meals and drinks excluded) and return to farm in late afternoon.

€395 per person for 4 pax*
€750 per person for 2 pax*

$448,77 per person for 4 pax*
$852,09 per person for 2 pax*

* Subject to Exchange Rate

aru upcoming trip activities scenic flights

Sossusvlei Day Trip

Day trip from the farm to the Sossusvlei with a scenic flight there and back, and an excursion to the Sossusvlei and Deadvlei area including lunch at the lodge.

€520 per person based on 4 pax*
€880 per person based in 2 pax*

$590,79 per person based on 4 pax*
$999,79 per person based in 2 pax*

* Subject to Exchange Rate

Aru Travel Namibia 24

Shopping Excursions

Head into our famous cities like Swakopmund and Windhoek for a shopping spree. Purchase delightful trinkets from the craft markets to take home with you. Choose from a collection of locally produced handbags and curios.

U$180/EUR160 per day (including lunch in Windhoek).

wine escapes

Wine Escapes

If you are heading down to Cape Town after your hunt, a private tour of the city, its mountains and surrounding vineyards is a must. Wine Escapes is passionate about making sure that you have the best experience possible during your stay in the Cape. We have, over the years, built trusted relationships with some of the most beautiful, luxurious and experiential establishments. This, along with our first-hand knowledge of the beautiful Cape region, enables us to customise activities and itineraries according to your personal preferences. Ensuring that you have the perfect stay from beginning to end!

This hands-on, personalised service may give you the peace of mind you have been looking for and allow you to experience and explore the very best at your leisure.

Why not allow us to organise your accommodation and other activities for you? We would love to be a part of your special journey to The Cape.

aru cut diamond 3

Sunstar Diamonds

Take a piece of Namibia home with you! Sunstar Diamonds offer a selection of certified Namibian diamonds, tanzanite and fine jewellery. Please let us know should you want to schedule a professional and personalised consultation at our lodges.

Rhino Royale

Africa’s Finest Dining in the Bush! The exquisite Rhino Royale is ARU’s newest venture that has taken the world by storm. Set on one of the most picturesque locations on the Kalakwa reserve, it boasts a nine course menu & wine pairing evening which makes for a sensational, never-before seen experience in Namibia. The apt music transposes you into this old world setting, and seated amongst the bow ties, feathers and sequins, there seems nothing more appropriate than having the white-gloved service of a quiet but ever present butler caring for your every whim.
from the veld book

From the Veld Cookbook

This book is filled with recipes that were developed over the years by my family, friends and fellow Namibians, and perfected at our Aru Game Lodges, Kalakwa and Veronica. Follow the menus or experiment with different combinations. I’ve included my favourite game choices, but feel free to try different game substitutes.

Tailor-Made Excursions

Please ask us about tailor made excursions for the spouses or observers while the others are out hunting.


+264 (0)81 129 5536
Windhoek, Namibia

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