Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

Hunting. It is humble and magnificent at the same time, and it is natural.

We hunt because we survive from it and care for it. Because we cannot go without it. It is part of our existence. We love it because it brings us beauty, realness and a life well-lived, full of adventure, experiences and stories around a campfire.

Thank you to every client that traveled to Namibia this year. To those whose company we could enjoy around our campfires.

Many of you would have noticed a change in our logo – well, not a complete change but a better and redefined representation of who we are. Our brand is one of our most valuable assets. Having a firm grasp of what the ARU brand embodies is essential to growth. It lays the foundation for everything we do, and it directs every decision we make. Our values define our beliefs and serve as our guiding principles.

By defining our core values and strategic initiatives, ARU’s vision has direction and doesn’t stagnate. We want our clients to have a genuine, visceral brand experience – to not merely recognise the name “ARU”, but to instantly associate our brand with the very best of Namibia … the very best experiences.

So please join us at our upcoming conventions – we’ll be at:

  • Dallas Safari Club, booth 3026
  • Reno Wild Sheep Show, booth 1048
  • SCI Nashville, booth 626Unfortunately, the USA conventions made it impossible for Gysbert and myself to attend Dortmund and Salzburg, but we’ll be in France as well as Germany later next year. Our website and social media and WhatsApp group (please remember to sign up) will notify you of these shows later in 2023.

ARU is about heart and soul.

Our strategic target is the touchstone and the focus of all ARU experiences.

Driven by adventure and inspired by nature, we aspire to get away from the daily grind and reclaim the outdoors. The experiences we offer, serve to get us outside. We seek out the path less traveled, and we’re willing to spend more for a superior experience.

We define achievement in many ways—we succeed by discovering new adventures and pushing ourselves to go further, but it’s equally important to relax, reset, and engage with the world and the people around us. Above all, we disconnect to reconnect.

The bonds we make and the experiences we share propel us forward. There’s no limit to what we’ll explore, where we’ll venture, and the good times we’ll have.

We see a world full of undiscovered trails and expeditions. We’re happiest when we’re deep in the bush, waking at dawn to catch the first light and surrounding ourselves with wild animals. Losing yourself in the wild connects us to the natural world and brings us closer together. It reminds us of when we were kids, spending crisp summer nights outside, around a campfire, and dreaming of the day ahead.

Though common love of the outdoors, ARU is here for today’s adventures and tomorrow’s experience. We champion respect for the land and wildlife, family values and the outdoor enthusiasts.

Our experiences offer boundless adventures, and we proudly open our doors to the world.

This is the spirit of ARU.

Thank you to all the ARU staff – the ones that are departing and the ones that are joining – you ARE the ARU family and for that we will always be eternally grateful.

ARU is a mood. I cannot really explain it. When you know, you know. I cannot urge you more to come and find out!

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas ARU friends. May our gracious God bless you even more.

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