Aru Game Lodges treasures the principle of fair chase and utilizes this principle throughout our hunting practices. The fair chase principle holds that hunting should be the lawful and ethical way of pursuing an animal without the hunter gaining any unfair advantage whatsoever over the animal; the animal has a chance to escape death. All true hunters agree that there is a fine line between skillful “fair chase” hunting and unfair human technical superiority – crossing this line results in a negative deviation from true hunting.

Aru Game Lodges insists that we provide the highest standard of professional service to international and local hunting guests. The Professional Hunter is at all times encouraged to act responsibly towards nature, wildlife, their country and the local population.

At Aru we pride ourselves on conservation and sustainable hunting methods. We guide you through unspoilt terrain to find the unique species of your choice in their natural habitat. We don’t disrupt the environment, we respect it. We’ll walk and we’ll stalk until we find what we’re looking for, all in one of the most pristine locations in the world. It’s way more than just a hunt. It’s a meaningful experience that takes you back to the roots of where man evolved from. We work hard, we sweat it out, and we pass on animals not yet mature. We educate all our guests on the principle of fair chase.

The most basic right of wild animals is to lead a natural life in a natural environment according to the laws of nature. The destruction of natural habitats by modern man is the biggest threat to this basic animal right. In order to preserve the habitats of all fauna and flora, we have adopted Namibia’s Principle of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. Hunters do not merely hunt, they are also nature lovers who seek to adopt sustainable and ethical hunting methods that contribute towards conservation strategies; with the aim of protecting wildlife and its habitat from modern man.

Aru Game Lodges prioritizes the education on hunting aspect, so that conservation efforts can be maintained in Namibia. Hunters are taught to follow a rigid code of practices, in order to promote present and future conservation programs. Our team values every hunt and every animal taken. That is essential. We do not endorse canned hunting. In canned shoots, the animal lacks the fair chance to escape, virtually assuring the hunter of a kill.

Since 2001, Aru Game Lodges has been operating as a successful fair chase outfitter in Namibia. We are proudly affiliated with the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA), and Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (OPHAA).

For the international hunting clientele, one of the main attractions of hunting in Namibia is the high standard of ethics we adhere to. As a hunting outfitter, we aim to promote legal and ethical fair-chase, sustainable hunting through communication, unity, community support, and cooperation between hunters by means of a code of conduct. We hunt strictly in accordance with the ethical principles as stipulated in NAPHA’s and OPHAA’s Hunting Code.

All hunting resorts are under the strict supervision of the Directorate of Resource Management of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). Hunting in Namibia is based on game counts and a management plan, which has to be approved by the MET via strict quotas.

All our hunting guests can rest assured that we are doing our best for the environment and local people. We understand that our ecosystem relies on a fragile balance between man and nature. We welcome discussion on how to sustain our precious natural resources further.