Go hunting and fishing in Namibia all in one day. Take a look at this interesting article

Shoot a buck? Check. Topple a brace of birds? Check. Land a fish? Check. All in one day? Check. How a Canuck hunter took on a Scottish hunting and fishing challenge—in Africa

Namibia is one of the last places that comes to mind when thinking about catching fish—a country best known for its great deserts, the Kalahari and the Namib, doesn’t exactly scream angling. Still, I was keen to give it a go. I’ve always been an optimist and, fortunately, I suspect that Danene van der Westhuyzen must be one as well.

Danene and her husband, Gysbert, own and operate Aru Game Lodges, a hunting safari operator in Namibia, and when I suggested to her that I wanted to pursue a Macnab challenge on my hunt this past September, she was immediately on board. A Macnab challenge? And what does it have to do with hunting, let alone catching fish?

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