For most hunters, hunting in Africa means: big game and trophy hunting.

But what if you like to stalk antelopes, but are not interested in collecting antlers and/or trophies?

Or what if you love the almost therapeutic impact of walking through the Western Kalahari, watching, listening to and smelling this beautiful, seemingly scissors-cut grass wave in the gentle African breezes? Especially during the first and last hours of the day, with a great glowing sunrise or sunset as icing on the cake?

But you simply don’t want to take any more animals and pay (again/a lot) for the horns without bringing them home? Because you enjoy true hunting, but your trophy room is already full, or your wife has prohibited you hanging anything additional on the wall?

Then this great continent still has so much more to offer! And I’m obviously not speaking about the vehicle-operated, butchery-style shooting “offers” everyone has already heard of and which have – to my humble opinion – nothing to do with hunting.

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