A visit to Africa at least once in a lifetime is a dream for everyone – whether you are young or old, it is an exciting destination. 

Many might think that Africa is not an excellent destination for families’ to visit, but being in wide-open spaces, the kids have the freedom to move. They get to enjoy the African sun, fresh air and learn more about nature. A destination often forgotten when planning a visit to Africa is Namibia – Namibia is an excellent choice; let’s see why.

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When planning a family safari, it is essential to keep your needs in mind.  Each family is different, and therefore it is not always easy to just copy another family’s trip.

Keep in mind the driving distances and whether your family would be comfortable driving long distances. Car rental in Namibia is easy and the most affordable way to experience this vast wilderness.

Some activities are not suitable for all ages. Walking safaris are dangerous for smaller children, as they might not be able to walk as far or might not be as alert as adults. 

Longer game drives might not be as exciting for them, and they would prefer to explore the lodge finding insects or footprints.

Choosing the right property is very important. Traveling with smaller children, you would prefer to have them stay with you in the same room. It might be better with older children to have their own room, but maybe still close enough should you be needed. 

Something like a self-catering unit or house always works great, as you would have the freedom with regards to meals and everyone can find his own little space, but can also enjoy time together.


Namibia offers endless photo opportunities with the sun rising over the sand dunes and the seals along the coast.  Then there is the wildlife in Etosha and the Himba tribe up north.

With the country offering malaria-free safaris in Etosha, this is great for family visits. Combining this with a visit to Sossusvlei, your family would be entertained for days – nothing better for the children to run along the sand dunes and being able to see Elephants up close.

Suppose you want to add some beach time to your trip. Swakopmund offers a great ending to a trip. Enjoy the cool waters, and for dad, there are some adventure activities, including quad bikes, boating and sky diving.   


Should you be planning a shorter visit to Namibia and would like to include a safari in your trip, Aru Game Lodges are perfect. You have a choice between Veronica Game Lodge or Kalakwa Game Lodge, and they are between 2 and 3 hours drive from Windhoek.  

Adding to your safari, there are also plenty of other activities on offer at the lodges. These would include Horse Riding, Quad Biking, Star Gazing, Walking Trails and even Bushmen Excursions. To relax, you can spend some time at the swimming pool or even book a treatment at the spa. There is something for the whole family.


Namibia is a fantastic destination when travelling as a family. Pack your safari hats and come and explore Namibia.